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Why Waymo boss says ‘self-driving' needs to go

"Self-driving" terminology should evolve, says John Krafcik: "Language really does matter."

In 14-brand Stellantis, who will make the cut?

PSA and FCA are each contributing seven brands to the new company, which will need to figure out what still works in North America beyond Jeep and Ram.

When the chips are down: Big Tech’s needs put dent in car output

The auto industry and the global electronics world are tussling for microchips as the pandemic strains the supply chain.

CarMax sees longer return policy as its next trend

The nation's largest used-vehicle retailer sees its new return policy as an added layer of comfort for the increasing number of big-ticket shoppers online.

Coming to the U.S.: Mazda EV with rotary backup

Mazda has given the greenlight to sell the subcompact MX-30 crossover in the U.S. sometime in the future as both an EV and a hybrid with a rotary engine.



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