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Elon Musk says changing his way of working not an option

Tesla's CEO sees no option but to keep working at his current relentless pace, no matter the deepening concerns of board members and investors about his health and stability.

Tesla shares salvage a gain despite deal-funding doubts

Tesla shares, after slumping much of the day toward a fifth straight decline, ended Monday on the plus side despite fresh doubts about Elon Musk's effort to take the company private.

Bill Ford to kick off Detroit Homecoming V

Ford Motor Executive Chairman Bill Ford will open up about the automaker's plans for its $740 million planned investment in and the Michigan Central Station in Detroit to kick off Detroit Homecoming V next month.

Sale prices on used vehicles stronger than expected

Increasing demand for used vehicles, concern over potential tariffs and tightening supplies are causing used-vehicle prices to strengthen instead of taking their normal summer dip.

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet must build on its star power

Actor Mark Wahlberg and partner Jay Feldman are adding staff and bolstering promotional tactics at their new Chevy store in Ohio as they seek to ramp up sales.


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